Have you ever thought about how long term stress can affect your hormone balance? Well let me tell ya, there is

a huge correlation with the amount of daily stress each of us have in this life and how it effects our internal

processes, majorly our hormones.

Stress is a huge game changer for period health in the fact that your

hypothalamus is very sensitive to this. The hypothalamus is your brain’s hormone command center and under

stress your hypothalamus may decide to temporarily stop ovulating and stop having periods. Stress doesn’t stop

here…. there is also this steroid hormone secreted by the adrenal glands called cortisol. Short term activation of

cortisol is important for survival. Long term high activation of cortisol leads to protein being stolen from your

muscles and organs, weakens the immune system, and causes imbalances of the metabolic hormones insulin and

leptin. These two hormones are important for general health and period health. When elevated they can cause

inflammation, periods to stop or become irregular, insulin resistant and or overweight / obese. This long term

activation of cortisol also alters your progesterone levels by stealing progesterone to make more cortisol. Your

steroid hormones overall convert one to another, so if one is out of whack, so be the ones that follow. This can be

a vicious cycle with vague to overt symptoms, one causing another.

Your hormone balance is imperative to your

quality of life. There are medical, alternative, natural, and a combo of each to help each person; treatment being

specified to your needs. Contact us for a consult regarding your hormones, testing, and treatment options that can

best help you to achieve optimal health.