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Our Medical Director, and nurse practitioner, Shelby Stoddard, believes that finding the "WHY" to symptoms is the key to promoting optimal health. A belief and training in natural medicine coupled with her medical background and experience, Shelby knows that true value in healthcare can be found when the two worlds come together in integrative medicine. Shelby encompasses the best of both worlds as she utilizes her medical expertise and alternative medicine techniques on behalf of our patients.

Shelby Stoddard, NP-C, is highly proficient in prolozone therapy, neural therapy, oxidative medicine, stem cell therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and family medicine. Her knowledge and skill are unmatched and her compassionate nature brings hope and healing to many. Shelby is definitely DRIVEN BY PASSION.

After exploring alternative ways to improve her own overall health she feels being able to integrate naturopathic, alternative, and traditional therapies for patients is a successful balance for improving health. Believing in her own ideas what a place of healing, hope, and integrative medicine would look like, led her to The West Clinic.

Shelby received her undergraduate education at Millersville University and Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She then moved west to attend Idaho State University where she earned her Masters of Nursing in Family Medicine. She became board certified as a nurse practitioner in family medicine after completing her studies.

Prior to working at The West Clinic she has practiced at Pocatello Cardiology Associates, Ashton/Island Park Medical Clinic, and Idaho State University Family Medicine Residency Clinic. She has been a guest lecturer at Boise State University in their advanced pathophysiology course. Prior to being a master's prepared nurse practitioner she worked as a registered nurse in many areas, priming her for a lifelong career in the medical field. She is a member of the American College of Cardiology, American Association of Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Practitioners of Idaho, and Sigma Theta Tau.

Shelby is originally from Pennsylvania, coming to Idaho in 2002. As a young child, she knew this was going to be her home after visiting family locally. When she saw an opportunity in 2002 to meet her goal of getting to Idaho, she never looked back.

Shelby enjoys spending time with her family; camping, snowmobiling, mountain biking, ATV adventures, and fishing, in particular for Sturgeon. She is dedicated to continuing her education and learning new therapies to help improve patient's positive experiences. Her goal for the next year is to begin studies to become certified in acupuncture. She believes in the power of healing through integrative medicine, touch, and most of all HOPE.

**Behind the name: Just as the Shelby GT5000 is an incredibly valuable and revolutionary automobile, our Medical Director, and nurse practitioner, Shelby, has revolutionized health care options at The West Clinic. Her medical expertise adds extraordinary value to patient care**

We've benefited 1000's of clients from all over the world; we are confident that we can help you too!


Four days after receiving neural therapy injections in each of my ankles and feet, I had considerable improvement. It's been just over a week and I am able to work out and exercise without discomfort. I have the "pep" back in my step.

- Wendy B., United States


Everyone laughed when I said I was going to Idaho to heal the bulging disc in my back. But when I was able to finally lift my arms with no pain for the first time in years...they stopped laughing.

I was unsure what the journey would be like, but Dr. J and the West Clinic team have treated me like a VIP every time. The treatment as well as the experience have been first-class.

- Jonathan Sprinkles
"America's Connection Coach"
TV Personality, Best-selling author, Business Coach


I initially came to the West Clinic for aches and pains associated with -my chosen profession, a professional rodeo cowboy. I had both my knees treated and I saw IMMEDIATE relief. That was last summer, and I haven't had any pain after traveling, during or after competing, and other rugged circumstances.

- Matthew C., Wales


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