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Low RYR , a natural support for keeping healthy lipid levels in the normal range, features the same USDA certified organic red yeast rice as found in our standard capsules, with added coenzyme Q10. Made with non-GMO ingredients.  Because CoQ10 is synthesized in the body via this same pathway, those taking red yeast rice long term should consider taking RYR with coenzyme Q10 Advanced added.

*Low RYR is a superior product and the replacement for LipoMed and CholestMed products.


Special features of our red yeast rice:

The red yeast rice in  Low RYR  is USDA certified organic and grown in the USA.

Red yeast rice helps be responsible for the synthesis of cholesterol in the body.

Low RYR  may support:

  • Natural favorable modulation of blood lipids favorably and naturally
  • Reduction of microbes known to play a role in cardiovascular disease
  • Protection of the arterial lining helping to prevent atherosclerotic lesions that may lead to heart attack
  • Reduction of inflammation and oxidative stress, both known to be associated with heart disease
  • Favorable alteration of CRP, blood glucose, HDL and triacylglycerol (triglycerides)

How are the best results achieved with Low RYR

Research concludes that most of our endogenous cholesterol is produced while sleeping, therefore, take at bedtime rather than early in the day. Start with 2 capsules at night and increase to 4 per day as needed.


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