Hidden Secrets to Curing Your Chronic Disease


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Dr Jason West breaks down the barriers to healing by challenging the accepted medical treatments for chronic illness and disease. Included are stories of hope, why we get sick and problems with the current medical and insurance system. This book will tell you how to find a difference maker, a healer and how to select a doctor to help you take control of your health. Holistic system of health care that achieve miraculous outcomes and a step by step plan to achieve and maintain optimal health.



A discussion of the cutting edge treatments such as intravenous vitamins and minerals, high dose Vitamin C, ozone, chronic pain treatments like neural therapy and true medical collaboration. This totally unique system addresses diseases from a whole new perspective and provides choices for diseases like Lyme, viral infections, parasites, arthritis, stomach problems, peripheral neuropathy, and bone on bone arthritis. It also tells you why this treatments are not mainstream and delivers for a recipe for healthy vibrant lifestyle.


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