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This is a collection of products to relieve constipation and slow bowels, and great for weightloss! It contains a digestive enzyme, a liver support product (Filter Flush), and a delicious fiber product (Activvz Complete Multivitamin Shake). Everyone should have at least one bulky, well-formed bowel movement each day. In fact, some sources say that it is best to have 2-3 a day to have optimal digestive functioning. When individuals do not move their bowels daily, waste material absorbs directly into the bloodstream, potentially causing more health problems.

What can you do for slow bowels? This is important “If your sewer system doesnt work, then you dont work!’ Here are some steps you can take.

1. Make sure you have enough WATER (not other liquids).

2. Eating vegetables will give FIBER and add bulk to your stools!

3. The BEST thing for bowels is to work controlling your bile salts with DIGESTIVE ENZYMES, or a good quality apple cider vinegar! It is important to get adequate digestion in the upper part digestive system.

Using these three things above can relieve constipation.

Using laxatives should only be done with caution. There are side effects from long term use.

This product collection is a good choice for natural products to get your bowel moving.


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