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Four days after receiving neural therapy injections in each of my ankles and feet, I had considerable improvement. It’s been just over a week and I am able to work out and exercise without discomfort. I have the “pep” back in my step.

– Wendy B., United States

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Everyone laughed when I said I was going to Idaho to heal the bulging disc in my back. But when I was able to finally lift my arms with no pain for the first time in years…they stopped laughing.

I was unsure what the journey would be like, but Dr. J and the West Clinic team have treated me like a VIP every time. The treatment as well as the experience have been first-class.

– Jonathan Sprinkles
“America’s Connection Coach”
TV Personality, Best-selling author, Business Coach


I initially came to the West Clinic for aches and pains associated with -my chosen profession, a professional rodeo cowboy. I had both my knees treated and I saw IMMEDIATE relief. That was last summer, and I haven’t had any pain after traveling, during or after competing, and other rugged circumstances.

– Matthew C., Wales




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